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I went to the station to see my brother off.


A boy risked death to protest.


They were amazing.

The revised bus timetables have caused a raft of complaints from the public.

Take it apart if necessary.

Is there any place you want to go?

You'll find domestic articles on the third floor.


It's all in the file.

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Leora began trying to break down the door.

Are you sure you don't know what it was?

A state of emergency has been declared in Washington DC and five states.


Don't you think we have pretty good alibis?

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Cris doesn't want justice. He wants vengeance.

Tell him to shut up.

Glynn has always been fascinated by toy poodles.

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There's nothing that can keep us apart.


There wasn't even a speck of dust on the table.

I'm not worried about it at all.

What's the best way to avoid mosquito bites?


We're still married.

This is what Anita has been waiting for.

Adrian can swim, too.

You gain nothing by speaking ill of others.

I'll accompany you as far as the intersection.

I was very flattered.

Thank you very much for your present.

Waiter, please bring me some water.

Byron is afraid of the dark.

You should always apologize in person.

I apologize to those of you who were possibly offended; it was never my intention.

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I must ask you to be more specific.

What is she talking about?

Please get these letters off right away.


I had to act at once.


We're giving you more money because you did a great job.

Most whales feed on plankton.

The production of vegetables is growing in our area.

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It was just an example.

He didn't care about going to Heaven.

If it snows tomorrow, I'll build a snowman.

Tell Seymour we're waiting for him.

Do you have Stevie Wonder's new album?

Please, go ahead.

He was caught in the act of pickpocketing.

That's the trick.

I don't want to go to work today.

I just dropped in.

He stopped for a quick cigarette.

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Turns are context-shaped.

So let's do it.

I'm not afraid of death, but I prefer not to be here when it occurs.

I arrive at work at 8:30.

He was pleased with the toy.

Many people like Asian food.

I'm positive it was Pontus I saw at the park.


My home, what could be better?

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This is a better house than the other one.


We've been doing it the hard way.

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Could you please give me the pencil?

The sun just came up.

Vern is both able and willing.

Do you think Pria will like the gift I bought him?

I wonder if there exists a level that's lower than "user"?


I feel like singing.

Do you have any idea what caused this?

I was born in Israel in 2002.

He tried to approach her using every possible means.

The Roman legions withdrew in 410 A.D..

Do you want to file a complaint?

I never thought he was capable of doing something so cruel.

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This just might come in handy someday.

You can't stop them.

Mr Masuzoe always has lots of books with him.

I don't trust you completely.

Who will succeed Reagan as President?


The workers are expanding the road.

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Pandora's wife will provide an alibi for him.


I can't understand the meaning.


I really like riding my bike to school.


I've never seen them so tense.


He was killed instantly.

Why can't you be more like us?

Richard acts like he doesn't even know who Cathrin is.

There's a fire upstairs.

Randall is reading a newspaper.

What exactly am I paying for?

Misery loves company.

Andrew is fixing some shelves in the bedroom.

Just call him.


We've still got a chance.

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

There is no returning on the road of life.

What the fuck did you say?

This is the year 1990.

While she sat on the cliff and combed her hair, she sang a wonderfully beautiful song.

St. Benedict established his first monastery on top of Monte Cassino.


You cannot enter the museum. It is currently under repair.

Many workers are facing the ax in the assembly department.

I want a television set, but I can't afford to buy one.


I was born in Kyoto.

By seven o'clock in the evening, the streets are deserted in this town.

She glimpsed him running through the crowd.

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She sometimes goes into a mood of depression.

She can understand everything we're saying.

Above all, you must work now.

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Major traveled all over the country.

Milo will have a plan.

Praise be to Allah!

You promised you wouldn't tell.

I don't think Kim is involved in that scandal.


Hans was a witness to the accident.

Scotland is famous for its water.

Pat didn't tell anyone else where he'd hid the money.

I slapped him in the face.

Tuna can swim very fast.

Malcolm joined us.

Murat is lost.

Nigel walked toward the pool.

The girls ran to the corner. Mai Ai runs like a gazelle. She was still running in place when they stopped at the corner.

How did I know?!

Let's see what Merat has to offer.

We're bored.

They wrote three books.


He started his day with a good breakfast.

It's going to be six dollars because it's international.

This table is made from wood.

The Xinhong River is longer than any river in Japan.

Green leaves are coming out little by little.

Sjouke knows we're interested.

Mark graduated from Harvard in 1991.

That is the solution.

The media doesn't distribute this news.

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Whose fault was that?

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I'll take your EEG.

Will has serious problems.

Anatole thought it was a terrible idea.

Agatha was a very nice man.

How much did Kyung pay you?


Are you really as old as you say you are?

I am self-catering.

Would you help me look for my keys?

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I told him about you.

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There is no Truth. There is only the truth within each moment.


Need a lift?

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They hired Gilles on the spot.

Julian licked his plate clean.

Her braveness will remain in our memories.

I want him in my office.

The other one is no good.


A perfect day is one spent in the garden.


We will investigate the problem and deal with it as we see fit.


Marshall's car was in the driveway.

He took his time.

I want to eat curry rice for supper tonight.

It is foggy.

They're ringing the doorbell.